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Public welfare activities-"to love clean water" healthy campus action Sichuan station
Release time:2018-10-27    Browse:1671

Recently, Guangdong Lions Club organized "Lion Love Liangshan, has a long history" large-scale joint public welfare activities, Yongchen Company, as a well-known enterprise in the energy-saving water dispenser industry, actively participated in the charity activities; And to Butuo County Jiudu Township Central School donated a number of campus energy-saving drinking water equipment for the poor mountain areas of the majority of teachers and students to provide safe and hygienic drinking water for their physical health escort!

Earlier, the Guangdong Lions Club representative office in Foshan visited the central school of Jiudu Township, and learned that the school's drinking water facilities were not perfect, and that it was difficult for teachers and students to drink a cup of healthy and safe drinking water. The problem of drinking water for students has become a big problem in daily life. After learning of this situation, the Yongchen Company immediately responded, saying, "it is incumbent upon all sectors of our society to improve the quality of drinking water and pay attention to the health of teachers and students." It is the duty of the whole society to create a healthy and safe environment for children to grow up in. "We strongly support and make voluntary contributions to this activity.

In order to enable the teachers and students of the central school of Jiudu Township in Butuo County to drink a cup of healthy and safe water as soon as possible, the Yongchen Company worked overtime and finished the installation and debugging of the drinking water dispenser at the fastest speed. The person in charge of the central school of Jiudu Township in Butuo County said: this donation activity has been warmly welcomed by all the teachers and students of the school, and at the same time it has also received great attention and commendation from the local education committee. We are very grateful to Yongchen Company for its loving donation. Now our teachers and students no longer have to worry about healthy drinking water!

Drink water to think of the source, take care of your health! As a conscientious enterprise in the field of energy saving and drinking water, Yongchen always keeps in mind its social responsibility and takes "improving the health of drinking water for all mankind" as its goal. It actively transmits the concept of clean water and aims at popularizing healthy drinking water to people and improving the quality of drinking water in an all-round way. In the future, the Yongchen will continue to join the cause of public welfare, the transmission of love, carry forward the positive energy!

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