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According to the survey, there are four common problems in drinking water in the factory: 1. 2. Insufficient water supply; 3. Chaotic management; 4. Security risks. Coupled with environmental pollution, the drinking water problem in the factory has brought great trouble to the business owners and their employees.

Recently, zhucheng Europe and the United States, the brand furniture for its existing factories drinking water problem, in-depth communication with yong Chen company, purchasing a group of yong Chen factory water dispensers, 【YC - 6 G - 35】to struggle in a line of workshop employees to provide the high quality of boiled water and boiled water, drinking water health for employees to build up a solid defense.

Models of choose and buy

Yongcen Factory water dispenser【YC-6G-35

The water dispenser 【YC-6G-35】 of yongcen factory has a high-efficiency heat exchanger, which can save 80% power for drinking warm water and greatly reduce the electricity cost. The water supply from the tap is large, which solves the water demand of many people at the same time. Open the faucet to have boiled water, warm water drinking, automatic control, no special management; The boiled water and warm water are filtered by a three-level 10-inch water purifier and treated with high temperature sterilization to ensure the clean and hygienic effluent. The machine is built in with multiple protective design to make it safer to use.

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Good water machine, choose yongchen, enjoy healthy life! Yongchen drinking water equipment is a well-known public drinking water equipment comprehensive service provider in China. The company was founded in 2006 and focused on eleven years and eleven years of quality. The energy saving rate of its products is over 80%, professional grade 3 fine filtration, the water quality is sweet and delicious! So far, more than 5,000 schools and thousands of enterprises and institutions have been served. For more details on energy efficient water dispensers, call the national service hotline: 400-8925-988!

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