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Peoples hospital of qinbei district, qinzhou, guangxi
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Established in 2001, the people's hospital of qinbei district of guangxi was located in the women and children health care hospital of qinbei district. Resources sharing, complementary advantages, common development, give full play to the maximum benefits of talent and resources. Over the past ten years, the people's hospital of qinbei district has developed into a county, district and comprehensive hospital with complete disciplines, advanced technologies and equipment. Today, the people's hospital of qinbei district has been separated from the health care hospital, carrying out their relatively independent operation and management mode, and relocated to the new site in September 2012 for office practice. Hospital is equipped with: administrative, financial, logistics and clinical functions, such as clinical setting: internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, new pediatric ICU ward, operating room, regions, dental, eye otolaryngology, emergency department, clinic, clinical laboratory, radiology, ultrasound room, electrocardiogram room, physical therapy room, electronic gastroscope room, pharmacy, electronic colposcope room, regions, surgery, dental clinical departments, such as auxiliary departments and qin north district maternal and child trauma center. It is equipped with a large number of advanced medical equipment such as Siemens 16-slice CT, three-dimensional color b-mode ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer and digital DR. In particular, operating rooms, ICU wards and neonatology are equipped with advanced equipment and facilities in accordance with national standards. Open up 300 beds.

In order to meet the needs of the patient and family use the boiling water, qin north district people's hospital has chosen the yong Chen step type water boiler 【YC - 90K】, the aircraft used precision filtration, step by step heating mode, water does not open, no water, namely a ready-to-drink, without waiting for, big flux water supply, water outlet temperature (95 ℃ -- 99 ℃) to ensure 100% fresh drinking water.

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