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Inner Mongolia shenhua group wuhushan mining co. LTD
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Shenhua group is a comprehensive large-scale energy enterprise with the main business of coal production and sales, power generation and thermal production and supply, coal oil production and coal chemical industry, relevant railway and port transportation services, and one of the 57 large state-owned enterprises under the asset management committee of the state council. Inner Mongolia shenhua group wuhushan mining co., LTD. Enrich the enterprise safety culture, utilize modern science and technology strategy, establish a information into a platform, high-tech equipment to ensure the safety of the security system of science and technology, outstanding safety management innovation, adhere to the road of the internal management of fine innovation, set up performance appraisal system for the center with safety production, OA office information management system as the platform of the internal management system, and realize the information resources sharing and comprehensive utilization of recycling, material, and pay attention to small bites, base on saving potentialities, strict on managment system, savings by the strange article.

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